Swyx provides the most advanced IP-based communication system on the market. Using your existing IP network Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system / PBX with so much more, including integrating voice with messaging and rich presence; while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of business-class VoIP. These benefits include conferencing, collaboration and networking, increase the productivity and professionalize the collaboration within small and midsize enterprises. SWYX is an IP Communication System not just a Telephone System. SWYXIT! FOR WINDOWS With SwyxIt!, your PC acts not only as a convenient, easily operated telephone: it is also a universal communication device, which allows you to benefit from all the advantages of Unified Communications. As well as conventional telephony functions, SwyxIt! features also include extensive convenience functions such as initiation of teleconferences, intelligent call forwarding, or an integrated Messenger for sending instant messages. SwyxIt! is an innovative PC-based softphone, which is supplied with SwyxWare. RAPID ACCESS TO CONTACT DATA SAVES VALUABLE WORKING TIME Users can easily set up their own abbreviated dialing buttons for internal and external calls, making it still quicker to contact frequently called colleagues or customers. The integrated presence information always lets you know whether your chosen communication partner can be reached, and how. Even as you enter a name, the fast convenient search function in SwyxIt! displays the first search results from phonebooks and Outlook® contacts. Caller lists furthermore provide a summary at any time of all received and outgoing calls, redials, or your own callback requests. A company-wide phonebook is also available as well as a personal one. FLEXIBILITY AT THE WORKSTATION You can telephone comfortably at your PC via SwyxIt! with a handset or headset – or use a desk telephone. Swyx offers you a wide selection of devices for all uses. INTEGRATION IN MICROSOFT® OUTLOOK® AND IBM LOTUS NOTES® SwyxIt! offers seamless integration into Microsoft® Outlook®, allowing you for example to call a contact directly from Outlook® – either from the Contacts or via an e-mail. Conversely, in SwyxIt! you can access Outlook® functions – for example, in the context menu of a Speed Dial the current appointment can be displayed for employees . It is also possible to create a meeting request or task request directly via the Speed Dial. Outlook® integration also offers support for the identification of incoming calls. A caller is identified not only by means of SwyxServer and your phonebooks, but also with the help of your Outlook contacts. You can also open or create an Outlook® contact when making a call, or have calls entered automatically in the Outlook® journal. In conjunction with Outlook® and Lotus Notes®, calendar-based call redirection is also available, allowing you to forward calls dependent on appointments. MORE EFFICIENT TEAMWORK WITH INSTANT MESSAGING AND APPLICATION SHARING Features Telephony functions such as call pickup, dial, redial, conference, hold, record call, play voicemail, etc. Speed Dials for internal and external contacts Voicemail: receiving voice messages by e-mail, and remote inquiry option Presence information: a colleague's availability status can be seen directly e.g. on the abbreviated dialing buttons, in the Call journal or in the phonebook Company-wide and personal phonebook Business Instant Messaging within the company Configurable SwyxIt! Web Extensions to integrate any web services Integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes: dialing from Outlook®, calendar-based call forwarding or use of Contacts for identification of incoming calls A Call Routing wizard makes it child's play to specify rules for incoming calls, and thereby ensure a professional image at all times The SwyxIt! user interface ("Skin") can be adapted optimally to personal requirements, e.g. in relation to the number of Speed Dials (abbreviated dialing buttons) Direct dialing from any application: Dial a highlighted number at once with a function key TAPI support Application Sharing by mouse click Intercom connection: simply start intercom with abbreviated dialing button Ring tones: Freely selectable WAV/MP3 files, which can also be made caller-dependent Configurable lines: Possible display of call information on the line button and signaling of certain numbers according to line Wrap-up time: Disabling of a line for incoming calls (e.g. for group calls only) - Timeout or manual disable Web Extensions: Easy integration of web-based services, e.g. databases, CRM, retailing systems and linking with telephony functions Client SDK: API interface for use of SwyxIt! telephony functions in conjunction with external applications (e.g. integration in a customer database)

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